We discovered that Free Light Chain (FLC) is useful as a marker for diagnosis and stratification of mental and neurological diseases, and completed the acquisition of a patent in Japan and the United States.
Currently, we are developing not only FLC related products, but also products and services related to mental illness and stress, including the findings discovered in this research process.

①Blood test kit for diagnosis and stratification of schizophrenia

RESVO has found that FLC is useful as a diagnostic and stratified blood marker for schizophrenia, and has obtained a patent in Japan and the United States. Currently, using FLC, we are developing a new blood test kit for diagnosing and stratifying schizophrenia that is thought to be caused by immune disorders.
Schizophrenia is said to affect one in 100 people worldwide. Immune disorders have been found to be one of various causes, but there is currently no objective method for diagnosing and stratifying immunodeficient schizophrenia.
We aim to “reduce the patient burden by more effective treatment of schizophrenia”, and as soon as possible, we will be able to select the appropriate treatment using this method and research and develop new treatments. We are proceeding with development for practical use.

②Stress check kit using urine

RESVO has developed a technology to visualize the "potential load on the body due to stress" using a unique algorithm analysis that combines multiple different urine test items, rather than the conventional stress substance measurement.
Many causes of mental illness are associated with stress. In Japan, despite the shrinking working population, the number of employees with mental illness is increasing each year, which is a serious problem.
We would like to prevent the onset of mental illness due to stress by visualizing the potential physical load, which was impossible with conventional stress checks, using a test method based on "invasiveness" and "objective indicators".